About Paul Briand

The journey to here

With his extensive writing background, Paul Briand will improve your in-print and/or online content. You have a responsibility to your readers and to yourself to convey who you are and what you do in a clear and competent voice.

Paul started the freelance business through Broad Cove Media in 2008 after retiring from the Seacoast Media Group of newspapers that includes the Portsmouth Herald and Foster’s Daily Democrat.

Paul has been writing for print and online publications since his graduation from the University of New Hampshire in 1975. According to Paul, that might stretch to a couple of years longer if you include the time he spent at the university’s student newspaper — The New Hampshire — instead of going to class.

Starting as a reporter in Maine, he became editor of two newspapers published on the North Shore of Massachusetts, and came to New Hampshire in 1998 to be the director of operations for what eventually became the Seacoast Media Group.

“I’m not the retiring type. I went into business for myself to do the one thing I always enjoyed doing — interviewing people and writing their stories.”